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Agile implementation of new product ideas with logarithmo

logarithmo is B2B software partner for the implementation of digital product ideas. Our data analysts from the fields of energy and logistics use our specially developed software framework with which we transfer your idea quickly and efficiently into a productive application.

Whether your idea is the optimization of existing processes or an entirely new business idea: We discuss your ideas with you and implement a prototype within a very short time, which you can call up as a web application . This will give you a quick idea of whether your idea will achieve the benefits you expect.

No more wasting time on the detailing of long-term software projects. Instead, start with a small prototype on our platform, which accompanies you from the first idea to the fully integrated solution! Let our existing references convince you or simply test our demo applications in the fields of energy (e.g. trading, network management, sales) or logistics (e.g. inventory planning, transport, warehousing) yourself.


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